Making the bed

Bed-making is an expression widely used in the football environment when one or more people join together to plot or conspire to harm another person within the same football team.

We can find different examples of what it means to make the bed, one of them could be when several players join together to make the bed to the coach and disobey some of his orders or even cause his resignation in the team itself.

These actions, in many cases, are usually promoted by the players of a team, the reasons are diverse, but it is usually due to disagreement with the directions set by the coaches, lack of understanding between the coach and part of the team, economic reasons or even misunderstandings.

It is recommended to maintain harmony and good understanding between coaches, technical staff and players, one of the great strengths of a healthy team is the understanding and good harmony between all parties.

Detecting this type of situation is complicated, many actions are covered up and there are coaching staffs that feel cheated after experiencing this type of situation, but the club should be able to detect these situations and resolve them as soon as possible.

A broken team does not work and the results reflect the conflicts. For the good of the team and its proper functioning, it is important to detect and tackle these situations.

We also find a second meaning of this expression and it is that to make the bed means to perform an action of play in which the player falls to the ground when trying to reach the ball due to an action of the opposing player.

As an example we can describe the action in which a player makes the opponent believe that he is also going to jump and clear a ball with his head and when they both go to play the same action, the player, for example, crouches slightly and the opponent loses his balance and falls to the ground just at the same moment in which both bodies touch.

This last definition can have serious consequences in a match, as it is very likely that if the referee or the VAR sees the play, they will call an indirect foul and even sanction the player who caused the foul.

Therefore, this form of play is very dangerous, in many cases, it is considered that the way of playing of the player who makes the bed is a dirty game and even harmful, as it can injure the opposing player. It is not advisable to encourage players to use this technique, as fair play also makes for a better team and better players. It is advisable to promote fair and healthy sports play.


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