Strategy, set pieces

We will begin by defining the concept of strategy, strategy is all those actions that can be developed in a match, trying to take advantage of or neutralise all kinds of set pieces. The components into which it is divided are: throws, formation of barriers, offensive and defensive strategy. Before classifying each action, we will define each of these components.

Throw-in is the action that a team can develop by putting the ball into play with the aim of surprising or deceiving the opponents.

  • The strategy defined above is divided into two components, offensive and defensive.
  1. Defensive strategy: all the actions carried out by a team not in possession of the ball to counteract and nullify the strategic offensive actions of the opponent.
  2. Offensive strategy: This is what it is called when we are in possession of the ball and we can define it as: the start or restart of play by a team by means of a set piece. It can take place anywhere on the pitch and in different ways.

The barrier is a group of players who try to block an area of play or of the goal in order to make it difficult for the player who is carrying out the action to score.

  • We can find two types of barrier, the one formed by a single unit and the divided one.
  1. The single-unit barrier: It is made up of the most varied number of players, from one to eleven.
  2. The divided barrier: Rarely used, it is made up of three players in each block who block the corners of the frame.

The barrier will almost always be formed with the same players and its choice will take into account: size, build (height and width or strength) and courage. The number of players that make up the barrier and the way it is placed depends on the area of the pitch, as the closer to the goal, the more players are usually placed, and when the foul is further away, fewer players or even none at all are usually placed. One of the most important things about the barrier is that it must be very compact and must not move.

  • The classification of this type of actions is made according to whether they are strategic offensive or defensive actions and they are:
  1. The kick-off.
  2. The penalty kick.
  3. The corner kick.
  4. The throw-in.
  5. The goal kick
  6. Direct free kicks.
  7. Indirect free kicks.
  8. The neutral kick.

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