Manchester United: Ronaldo’s truthfulness is a big hit!

  • After a lively first half of the season at Manchester United, striker Cristiano Ronaldo has decided to speak out. The Portuguese international was particularly dry in his comments about his coach Erik ten Hag, and was frank about the Red Devils’ situation.

Cristiano Ronaldo has decided to come out of his silence. The Manchester United striker has settled his accounts in an interview with Talk TV’s Piers Morgan, after a hectic first half of the season and a real soap opera during the summer transfer window.

The interview will be broadcast in full on Wednesday and Thursday, but the first extracts have allowed the former Madrid man to drop some bombshells.

Ronaldo se sent trahi par MU et ne respecte pas Ten Hag

Ronaldo, who has been a member of the Red Devils since the summer of 2008, said he was not supported by the Red Devils because of the death of his son and the hospitalisation of his daughter. He accused his manager Erik ten Hag and some of MU’s directors of pushing him out of the club. “If they tried to force my departure? Not just the coach, there were two or three other people at the club. In the management? Yes, I feel betrayed. Honestly, I probably shouldn’t say that, but I don’t care because I think people have the right to know the truth. I felt betrayed, I felt that some people didn’t want me here, not only this season, but last season as well,” revealed the Lusitanian.

With a difficult relationship with the Dutch coach for several months, Ronaldo was blunt about his opinion of his coach. “I have no respect for Erik ten Hag because he doesn’t show respect to me. I have no respect for Erik ten Hag because he doesn’t show respect for me. If you don’t have respect for me, I will never have respect for you,” the Funchal native replied curtly. It’s not going to help the situation and could have consequences for the future of Ronaldo, who is under contract until June 2023, this winter.

His criticism of the club, a tackle on Rangnick

The 37-year-old has also spoken out about Manchester United. Surprised by the state of the club since his return, CR7 gave an unfiltered assessment. “I think the fans should know the truth. I want the best for the club. That’s why I came to Manchester United.

But there are things internally that don’t help us get to the level of City, Liverpool and now even Arsenal. I think a club of this size should be at the top and unfortunately that’s not the case,” said the five-time Ballon d’Or winner, before going on to single out Ralf Rangnick, who will be on the bench for the 2021-2022 season after the dismissal of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Since Sir Alex Ferguson left, I haven’t seen any evolution at the club. There is 0 progress. After Ole was sacked, United appointed sporting director Ralf Rangnick, a choice that nobody understood. This guy is not even a coach, a big club like Manchester United taking a sporting director was not a surprise to me, but to the whole world.

Nothing has changed here, not the pool, not the jacuzzi, not even the gym. In some aspects, there has been no technological advance, not even the kitchen. They stopped in time, I was very surprised because I expected to see different things compared to my first visit.

As Picasso said, you have to destroy to rebuild and if that starts with me, I have no problem with that. I love Manchester United, I love the fans, they are always with me. But if they want to do things differently, they have to change many, many things,” he said. Before focusing on the 2022 World Cup with Portugal, Ronaldo was keen to get it off his chest!


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