Adversary is an enemy person or opponent. In sport, it is a concept that refers to an opposing person or group of people whose way of competing is opposite. In the context of football, it would be the opponent of the opposing team. It is important not to confuse the general concept of opponent with the sports called by the same name.

What is an adversarial sport?

Those where there is no cooperation between the individuals involved. Adversarial sports generally refer to single duels, i.e. without partners and where the environment does not create uncertainty.

Based on the above, two groups can be defined:

  1. Adversary sports where the target is an area of the playing area. For example, tennis, Basque pelota, badminton, etc.
  2. Adversarial sports where the target is the opponent and there is bodily contact. For example, fighting sports such as fencing, judo, boxing, etc.


  • Competition is based on outperforming the opponent.
  • The individual character is manifested.
  • Technical mastery, physical and basic skills come into play.
  • They are governed by deceptive actions that serve the purpose of distracting or confusing the opponent.
  • In many adversarial sports, sports equipment and protective equipment are used.

The great adversaries of Spanish football

Spanish football is passionate and rival sides will always defend their supremacy without debate. The following are the most prominent opposing teams in the national territory.

Real Madrid Vs Barça

Half of the inhabitants of the national territory are madridistas and the other half anti-madridistas. They are two teams that have always fought for the most important titles, where their fans view the rival team with a certain fear and suspicion, especially if they are losing.

Sevilla Vs Betis

They are two eternal adversaries, with a fan base that takes the fight beyond football. Legend has it that Betis was founded after an altercation with Sevilla, who did not want to admit an excellent working class player. This idea is still valid today, to such an extent that the fans of both teams have become a real class struggle.

Oviedo Vs Sporting de Gijón

One of the great rivalries of northern Spain, Oviedo versus Sporting de Gijón. Their matches in the First Division created an extraordinary tension in the stands. Asturias was completely paralysed to experience the great match.

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