Differences between a football club and a football school

A football club is – a private association made up of natural or legal persons, whose objective is the promotion and practice of this sport by its members, as well as their active participation in different sporting activities and competitions.

The football school aims to fully develop the abilities and skills of the players. Through training they try to improve certain qualities such as willpower, effort and cooperation, which are fundamental in team sports.

Therefore, a difference between a football club and a football school is that while the school aims to train the athletes, the club is an entity created for the practice of this sport, either at professional or amateur level. In addition, the football club can be part of a larger multi-sport institution or include other sporting sections.

The financing of a club and a football school

Another difference between a football school and a football club is the method of financing. The football school receives most of its money through contributions from the players themselves, who pay annual fees that account for almost half of the school’s expenses. It can also be financed through some of the subsidies available in the autonomous community or in the locality to which the school belongs. It can even receive aid from the different football federations and sponsors.

On the other hand, the football club can belong to the members themselves or be managed by an external organisation or a limited company owned by an individual or a group. If it belongs to the members, they will pay a monthly, half-yearly or annual fee and can participate in the activities carried out, as well as have the possibility to make use of all its facilities. In some football clubs, the membership category includes both players and supporters.

The staff of a club and a football school

A football school consists of the board of directors, the school staff, the pupils and the parents. The board of directors consists of the president, vice-president, member, treasurer and secretary.

The governing and representative bodies of a football club are the general assembly, the board of directors and the president. The members with voting rights are the members of the general assembly and may participate if the total number of members does not exceed 2,000. Otherwise, their participation shall be carried out through the representatives. The board of directors of the football club consists of the president, vice-president, treasurer, sports members, managers and coordinators.


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