Three fingers

The three-toed shot is a football technique used to provide spin to the ball when it is struck by the player with the outside of his foot. The player striking the ball in this way gives the ball a twist that creates a unique curve, so that it takes the opposite direction to the one it was coming from. This technique is also used by players who are not as skilled at crossing the ball with their weaker foot.

It is undoubtedly a very effective resource, although it is not seen in many matches nowadays, only used by a few professional footballers from time to time. However, if you look back into the past, you can find many players who used the three-finger shot frequently, for example Franz Beckenbauer, who was a real expert in this skill.

The three-finger technique

It takes strength and balance to hit the ball with three fingers. The player should hit it on his left side if he wants it to go to the right, and hit it on his right if he wants it to go to the left, although this may cause the shot to be less accurate.

The kicker must also be aware that when using this technique he must get the shot from the bottom to the top, which also has to have the power and height of the shot, so he must control it perfectly if he wants it to reach the desired destination. It is a shot that is difficult for the opposing team’s players to predict, as well as being spectacular for the fans who witness it.

It must be taken into account that a shot made with the three outer toes, i.e. three toes, is much more complicated than a shot made with the three inner toes.

A footballer who is able to perform this type of shot is considered a skilled player and a specialist in shooting due to the difficulty of the shot. In case the shot is not executed in the correct way, it can leave a team-mate totally bewildered. Therefore, not all players are able to execute this shot with the proper accuracy and technique. The three-finger shot requires balance and strength, as the player’s body has to be tilted at a certain angle to deliver the right energy to the ball.


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