Goal kick in football

The shot at goal is the technical action of throwing the ball into the opposing team’s goal. According to the rules, this can be done with any part of the body except the hands and arms, although the most commonly used contact surfaces are the feet and the head.

In order for the shot at goal to be correctly executed, the player must make proper use of the contact surface with which he is going to shoot. In addition, the player must always be aware of the situation of the ball, i.e. whether it is stationary, in motion, on the grass or in the air.

The strike of the ball for a shot at goal must be powerful and accurate. The thrower must also be quick in his execution, be a short distance from the goal, be aware of the location of the opposing goalkeeper, team-mates and opponents, and be aware of the angle and the shooting area.

The only objective of the shot on goal is to get the ball across the goal line to score a goal on the scoreboard, which can lead the team to victory.

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